The Club

* BMDCHR Constitution and Bylaws

* Code of Ethics

* Membership

BMDCHR Officers

President – Sherry Von Engel

Vice President – Julie Barry

Secretary - Alynn Farmer

Treasurer – Wendy Keene

About the club

The BMDCHR wants to help Bernese Mountain Dog owners practice responsible dog ownership and also maintain a relationship with their dogs, keeping them an active part of the family. We strive to create opportunities for this by developing activities for BMD owners, breeders, and enthusiasts to participate in with their dogs.

We offer the members fun ways to interact with their dogs and with other berner enthusiasts. Our members have varied interests at many different levels: breeding and conformation; draft, rally, and other competitive events; canine therapy work at hospitals, libraries, and retirement homes; grooming and obedience training; and more.

Together we enjoy several regular events. “Bernerfests” are social gatherings involving food, fun, and frequent berner kisses from the many dogs that come to play. Our traditional D.O.G. Walk takes place on Duke Of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, and sometimes Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and other places in Hampton Roads as well. Parades and other local activities are also highlighted throughout our year. We are always happy to discuss new ideas for club activities.

If you are looking for ways to interact with your berner and other berner owners, our club might be just what you need. Contact us for more information. You are also invited to attend one of our events and see if it is what you are looking for. We look forward to seeing you!